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frequently asked questions

Q: do you offer "day-of coordination" or "wedding management" services?

A: Since late 2023, we have focused solely on providing a full-service planning and design experience for our couples. The heart of Raleigh Weddings lies in the design, the small details, and the truly authentic elements of each wedding we plan - and the truest way for us to accomplish that is by offering a full-service wedding planning approach.

Q: what is the average wedding budget that you work with?

A: On average, our couples spend between $50-90,000 on their wedding day. While we don't have a limit on budgets that we work with, we do not typically work with total budgets less than $40,000 due to the cost of our services (we don't believe you should spend more than 10-15% of your total wedding budget on a planner). As an overall reference, our services begin at $5,500, but each quote is customized based on individual planning needs.

Q: do you have a planning process that you follow?

A: Of course! We wouldn't be in the wedding planning industry if we didn't have a process ;)


The nickname for our planning process is the "three D's" - development, design, and details. I love to chat through these three main stages of planning during a consultation call; it's just too much information to write down!

Q: what differentiates you from other wedding planners?

A: In short: I want to get to know you and your partner - what you like to do together, the things you both value, what you're passionate about - so that I can create a wedding day true to you. Your wedding day shouldn't just be curated for Instagram, planned for people you feel the need to impress, or non-reflective of your love story. My goal as your planner is to create a wedding day that is genuinely one-of-a-kind, and all yours.

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